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Michael is the founder, and namesake, of Ormsby Group, the CEO of The DECK Company, and owner of Jacuzzi Springfield. He is a self made man, coming from humble beginnings with a knack for sales that were incubated and supplemented along the way. Auto Magic launched a shy teenager into a budding salesman, being challenged to push the “up sell”. His next adventure was MCI, which taught him to instill a sense of understanding in the buyer by “painting the picture” for them in every transaction, and be comfortable closing the deal. He was continually reaching the benchmark for the President’s Club, but knew there had to be more in the professional world ahead. In 2002 he formed The DECK Company to get out of sales, only to realize that sales was the key to building a successful business. While getting his deck company up and going, he worked at Wyndham where he was given in-depth sales and marketing training. It was all coming together.

Not only was this the training and experience needed to close high dollar sales; but it landed him in the Century Club instilling a sense of accomplishment and the confidence needed to persevere with a new company of his own. With these new sales tools and a burning desire to succeed, he not only continued to grow the DECK Company, but also ventured out and partnered to form the “SPARK” networking group located in Springfield, MO. During this time he and Rebecca joined forces to start “I Get It Marketing”, wanting to fill a void in the business community for new entrepreneurs needing guidance. This eventually lead to the birth of “The Ormsby Group” which brought together a group of talented professionals ready to help your business grow!

Jacuzzi Springfield was launched when Michael saw a need to not only build outdoor spaces for people, but to provide them with the ultimate outdoor experience. And to provide it from one sole entity, versus having to deal with several different companies and contractors. Jacuzzi Springfield will offer the same passion, commitment and focus on customer service that has guided Michael to where he is today!

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